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I-71 at 2783 Robertson / Duck Creek                                                      49-3-263; Currently zoned residential; surrounded by commercial and industrial zones.

I-71 at 1753 Reading Road                                                                        71-2-141; By I-71 ramps; entrance to downtown Cincinnati; extremely high traffic, currently zoned residential; bordered by commercial and industrial; four blocks to the new casino.

2852, 54, & 58 River Road aka U.S. Hwy 50                                     152-42-2, 8, & 9; Four lane; heavy traffic; already zoned commercial.

Norwood Lateral at 4728 Reading Road (Showcase Drive)       131-7-292; Ramps to Norwood Lateral; very heavy traffic, currently zoned residential.

10080-90 U.S. Hwy 50                                                                           630-200-13, & 14; Five lane; heavy traffic; unzoned; no restrictions.

I-71 at Kennedy                                                                                                520-241-37; One of the heaviest traffic in this area; currently zoned residential; Columbia township.

I-71 at Edwards                                                                                                49-3-170; Very heavy traffic currently zoned residential; surrounded by commercial.

I-71 at 656 Omaha                                                                                  105-1-166; Very heavy traffic both North and South currently zoned residential; bordered by commercial.

I-71 at William Howard Taft                                                                           91-4-99; Very high traffic; currently zoned residential

I-71 at 644 Crown St.                                                                                   Very high traffic; currently zoned residential.

I-75 at Jimson  / Lockland Road                                                         594-3-455, & 456; Across from huge G.E. plant; extreme high traffic; zoned residential; may be difficult to zone change in this community.






*All information is believed accurate , but NOT guaranteed.  All lots are subject to change and available, subject to prior sale on a first come first serve basis.


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